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The Inauguration Will Be LiveBlogChatted

Edit 20 Jan: Just bumping this up as a reminder. Are there any more regular/known-to-me Hoydenizens willing to be added as panellists? The upside, for you, is that your comments will be put through to the liveblogchat window immediately. The downside is that I’ll ask you to help with approving guest comments through. If you can only be there for part of it, that’s fine too.

Unsurprised schadenfreude

Remember all that McCain campaign rhetoric about how Obama’s August 2007 statement on the need for sporadic pursuits of Al Qaeda into Pakistan without prior diplomatic notice showed that he was an irresponsible loon who should never be commander-in-chief? (and… Read More ›

Just one thing

Just like a gazillion others, I’ve been thinking about what Obama could/should do, in his first 100 days in office, that would be small in terms of the effort required (falling within executive powers entirely, no Congressional courting/approval required) but… Read More ›

Hitchens on Palin

Watch how a real maverick works. The emphasis on experience is in many ways the wrong one (rather as it has been when directed at Sen. Barack Obama). The problem with Gov. Palin is not that she lacks experience. It’s… Read More ›

Weekend election speculation

Open thread – just to keep the other open thread from being overwhelmed. It’s normally OK to discuss some political news stories on the Otterday open thread, but the election stuff tends to drown out everything else if we’re not… Read More ›