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  1. There’s something very poignant about Florida voting Democrat. Sigh!

  2. NC is now showing 100% counted with Obama out by 12 1/2 thousand votes. Unless the republicans pull something NC and Indiana should go blue along with VA, CO and NV. What a totally transformed map!
    The liveblogging was brill – thanks hoydens, mods and hoydenizens. I’m off to buy me some bubbly.

  3. The projections are showing the Dem party taking control of the House and the Senate as well as the Presidency.

    In short:

    Dear Repubs,

    You suck.


    The USA

  4. I knew Virginia could do it. Where’s fuckpoliteness to go “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” with me??


  6. Um…about to fall down…WHEN will they call North Carolina? It seems they’ve counted 100% of the districts, it’s kinda 50/50 except where Obama has more votes…CALLITALREADYSOICANSLEEP!

  7. They *still* haven’t officially called NC, according to the NY Times, it’s something like 49.8% Obama and 49.6% McCain. If he winds up with BOTH NC and Virginia, I will be thrilled beyond measure.

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