The Inauguration Will Be LiveBlogChatted

Edit 20 Jan: Just bumping this up as a reminder. Are there any more regular/known-to-me Hoydenizens willing to be added as panellists? The upside, for you, is that your comments will be put through to the liveblogchat window immediately. The downside is that I’ll ask you to help with approving guest comments through. If you can only be there for part of it, that’s fine too. Drop me a comment (using the email address you’re willing to have added to CiL), or email me at gmail, username lauredhelhoyden.

Also, Does anyone know of anywhere on the web that will be live-streaming the inauguration? I’ll have family members sleeping where both of the TVs are, and no TV headphones, so I won’t be able to watch it that way. Unless I can put one of them out in a tent or something. Hmm. Food for thought.


We’ve decided to give CoverItLive another go for Obama’s inauguration!

Unfortunately, the timing isn’t great for Aussies. I’ve set the chat session to start at half past midnight Perth time (GMT+9)- Tuesday night (Wednesday morning, really). The Inauguration itself will be at around 2 am.

This translates to Eastern Australian time (GMT +11) – Wednesday morning, from half past two.
If you’re elsewhere… there should be enough info here to figure it out! If I’ve got this timing wrong, someone please let me know and I’ll adjust it.

Given the unsociable hour, I may well not be around for a fair bit of the event, and I don’t think tigtog can be around for any of it. If you’re a regular who would like to be a panelist, drop me a line, that gmail place, username lauredhelhoyden. I’ll need your email address. I have volunteered several of you with panellist privileges – let me know if you’d prefer not to.

Fuckpoliteness, Quixotess, Bene, ladoctorita – you were all quite involved in the last liveblogchat. Are you interested? Anyone else want to pitch in as a “panelist”? There will be the ability for “guests” to chat, also – so long as message numbers don’t get completely unmanageable, please feel free to use it as more of a chat session than a liveblogging session.

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14 replies

  1. Yes! I would love that!

  2. Quixotess: awesomesauce. You should have mail.

  3. Woohoo! That’s 3 o’clock Tuesday afternoon for me….. you’re all in the future….!

  4. Keeping it classy.
    Jim, don’t you ever change! :-/

  5. While I’d LOVE to (and if I relent and leap up I’ll certainly be around for plenty of excited “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” harmonies), I don’t think I can be up blogging this and still make it through the week at work.

  6. I have to be up at 4 for work anyway so I can get up a bit earlier no dramas. I’m going to an Australians for Obama “ball” in Sydney that night where highlights of it will be screened, along with dinner and dancing and inauguration trivia quiz. I hope there’s lots of Biden questions, I shall ace it.

  7. I wish I could do it, but I’ll be at work. Sad panda. I want to go “eeeeeeeeeeee!” with fuckpoliteness again!

  8. I wish I could, but despite it being technically a national holiday, I believe I will be At Work then. Bah humbug. Thanks for the invite!

  9. If I happen to roll over in my sleep, I’ll say a little ‘eee’ for you, SttT

  10. I should be able to wake up at 8am my time, which is 11am inauguration time. I should be able to stay until 11am my time, if it’s needed.

  11. I shall still be on the Indian Pacific until it’s all over Red Rover. I shall be leaping onto my computer when I get back home, watching the highlights coverage on SBS and chucking my two cents into the post-commentary, but I doubt I’ll see much of the inauguration itself – I require a particular carrier to access the mobile broadband and their rural coverage is spotty – I’m pleasantly surprised that I can access it here in Broken Hill.
    So I’ll catch up with you all tomorrow sometime.

  12. The SMH is advertising live net coverage
    I’m assuming US outlets like MSNBC etc will have an internet feed, as they did on election day. But I vote: tent.
    I will hopefully be here. Late today I was told I should work 9-5 tomorrow instead of starting at 5am and as I have trouble sleeping I’m a bit reluctant to disturb it further by going to bed, getting up, going back to bed. Especially as I have this party thing tomorrow night where they’re showing the highlights anyway. That’s the sensible me, the other me that’s followed this all the way through and must see it live. We’ll see.

  13. I hope you all have fun. I shall be tucked up in bed.
    Chally’s last blog post..Presenting a report on female reporters and presenters

  14. Helen, of course. According to Schembri black people look like aliens. *Sigh*

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