Today in weird places my mind goes

Coming downstairs to find the sprogs watching the Star Trek reboot movie for the umpteenth time, and having my head in fanspace after reading 15 Reasons Rebooting Spider-Man Is A Really Bad Idea yesterday, this is the thought that crossed my mind (and it may have already been discussed in fandom, but I am so not googling it):

Facetious Observation Of The Day

Tell me, pop culture vultures, is not the villainous Colonel Stuart (William Sadler) in Die Harder – is he not absolutely the celluloid lovechild of Keir Dullea in 2001: A Space Odyssey and Ed Harris in The Right Stuff?

BFTP: Am I being too much of a snob?

Am I saving myself as much time and possible grief as I think I am when I refuse to read their blog if I click on a commentor’s profile and find that they’ve listed The Da Vinci Code as a favorite book?

Review: Radical Act

Radical Act, a documentary by Tex Clark, was filmed back in 1995 and is about the queer/feminist music scene in the USA at that time. The documentary is simple but endearing – Clark interviewed female musicians and music journalists about… Read More ›