Femmostroppo Reader December 2, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed-reader. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Phys Ed: The Workout Enigma – NYTimes.com
  • – “Recently, researchers in Finland made the discovery that some people’s bodies do not respond as expected to weight training, others don’t respond to endurance exercise and, in some lamentable cases, some don’t respond to either. In other words, there are those who just do not become fitter or stronger, no matter what exercise they undertake.”

  • Cultural Constructions, Part 1
  • – “I want to have a conversation about how race and racial difference are constructed in different cultural contexts. This will be a general opening post. In the next couple, I want to turn the lens on whiteness, that wily, often invisible beast that is nevertheless a highly constructed one!”

  • The terror of successful women
  • – “when I asked men to weigh in on the article, which is notably lacking male voices, the response was decidedly skeptical”

  • Non-sexist holiday shopping: Is it possible?
  • – “it is important not only to think about the toys that we buy for our girls, but also the toys we buy for our boys, so I’m writing it from both perspectives”

  • Celebrating Our Racist History Is Racist.
  • – “These men quoted in the Times article make an excellent case for why Sons of Confederate Veterans and similar organizations that celebrate “Southern pride” are nothing but fronts for old-school racism. Their brand of nostalgic Civil War hoo-ha is nothing but racist apologism topped with a big grey bow. You cannot express support—even of the wistful, nostalgic kind—for a culture founded on racism without expressing support for racism.”

  • Canadian Ads Shift Blame to the Real Perps: Rapists
  • – “Last Friday, a coalition of anti-sexual assault groups called SAVE (Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton), in Edmonton, Canada, launched a campaign to shift the blame. The “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign is directed at men between the ages of 18-24–in other words, the people most likely to commit the crime of rape.”

  • Guest Post: Tangled Shows No Signs of Cutting Disney’s White, Male Roots by Natalie Wilson
  • – “Apparently, to appeal to the male demographic, “swashbuckling action” is necessary, as are the inclusion of many mega-muscular man characters. In order to make the film “gender neutral” Disney has privileged male characters over females – to the tune of countless key male figures in the movie and only TWO – yes TWO – key females – Rapunzel and the evil Mother Gothel.”

  • It’s just a show. Really?
  • – “The sad fact is, a lot of people (including women) cite TV and movies as if they provide definitive evidence that all women feel/think/do X, and any individual woman claiming otherwise is lying, clearly for the purposes of manipulating somebody, the way all women do. I can’t defeat one stereotype without getting backed into another one.

    The truth is, pop culture is not just fun and games, and that’s why “It’s just a show” is bullshit.”

  • “self image issues, daddy issues and religious indoctrination issues”
  • – rant + awesome

  • Quick, let’s throw ourselves under a bus
  • – trolls and their trolling: the subtext and missing the point

  • Your Turn.
  • – “You say that my existence reinforces the gender binary, is anti-feminist, and that I’m just a pervert who’s wearing a woman suit.

    You say that my life helps kill women by reinforcing a culture of a oppression against them, and yet you fail to see how your words and actions kill trans women by helping to support a culture that oppresses trans people.

    You assert that you really trying to make life better for everyone, that you really care, and yet the words you use are full of hate and fear.

    So you know what? It’s your turn.

    Prove to me that I’m wrong.”

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