Femmostroppo Reader January 22, 2011

Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader – an even broader mix than usual this time around. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments.

  • In which “sexual politics” make me feel stabby
  • – “Shorter Maura Kelly: My friends are unhappy. My friends have casual sex. Therefore, casual sex makes women miserable. Science!! supports my opinions.”

  • The 2011 Reading List of Enormity
  • – Ooh, how I love other people’s reading lists.

  • On Kermit Gosnell
  • – “[Trigger warning for descriptions of violence, medical malpractice.] Situations like this one will not be prevented by limiting abortion, but by making it more widely accessible. There is a terrible irony in the argument to limit abortion in response to this ugliness, because limiting access will only ensure that clinics run by unprincipled and untrained people will proliferate.”

  • On taking on a yearly theme…
  • – “One of the ways in which I organise my focus and learning over the course of a year* is to choose an overall theme for the next twelve month period. […] A theme is in some ways aspirational, but more tangible in that it’s a space you’re creating to step into, awareness you’re cultivating and knowledge/experiences that you’re valuing.”

  • Karlyn on “Unruly Girls, Unrepentant Mothers”
  • – Two very interesting words when applied to women, ‘unruly’ and ‘unrepentant’. Worth examining.

  • Democrats Make Everyone Richer
  • – “Slate shows that all income brackets prosper under both Democratic and Republican leadership, despite the idea that Republicans are fiscally responsible and Democrats irresponsible. Under Democrats, however, nearly everyone is much more prosperous. The highest income brackets are, given the margin of error, equally prosperous and all other brackets are significantly more so.”

  • Feminism 101: Coded Misogyny and Institutional Prejudice
  • – “When we hear people dismissing whole slices of culture, without caveat or exception, using the same sorts of language that misogynists use to dismiss women—or when we catch ourselves using that language, thus more deeply entrenching the ubiquitous trope that anything coded feminine is inherently less than—we should question why that is.”

  • Syfy ruins ‘Being Human’
  • – Of course they did.

  • Missing Link Friday – Inequality edition
  • – Superb collection of links

  • Obligation and health
  • – “Concern trolls pull out “Your lifestyle isn’t healthy” as though it’s a lay down misere. Aside from the fact that it may not be true, even if it is, who says I have to be healthy? I may not even have a choice. For whatever reasons, living the troll’s sanctioned “healthy lifestyle” may be entirely beyond my reach. Or living it might not, in fact, make me healthy. Or, I may have all the choice in the world, and decide that I value my current lifestyle more than health. Trolly McTrollpants has no right to decide that I should.”

  • movies 2010
  • – Ever wanted a quick guide to a whole heap of iconic movies that you somehow missed out on? stephiepenguin covers a metric buttload of bases.

  • Women in Combat–The Next “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”?
  • – “Since the 1990s, women have served on combatant ships, flown combat aircraft and acted in supporting combat roles. So why is there a restriction preventing them from serving in ground combat?”

  • White Peeps…Stop Trying To Quote Pre-1963 Dr MLK, Jr In Debates With Us About Race
  • – “So when you start quoting pre-1963 Dr. King speeches or essays in order to buttress your ‘colorblind’ race arguments, especially when we are discussing how whiteness and white supremacy negatively impacts our lives, it pisses us off

    First it tells us that you don’t have anything but a superficial knowledge of the man. Secondly you’re quoting one of the greatest American and world leaders our people have ever produced out of context.”

  • Evolution, rape, ovulation, and how to get your opinions labeled "Science."
  • – Holly goes into evisceration mode.

  • – Teacher creates fun little dance about fallopian tubes and other internal reproductive anatomy, local Patriarchy Institute freaks out.

  • The Phasing out of Chinese "Dialects"
  • – LangugageLog – so many assumptions going on in China.

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  1. I disagree about the US Being Human (which is actually Canadian, though set in the US). While it doesn’t quite have the spark of the UK original, it did do some things very well — they’ve handled the vampire mythology a lot better, and I thought the story worked quite well. The first episode hour also had more positive queer content than the entire two seasons of the UK version.
    So — while I doubt it will replace the UK version in my heart, it’s definitely something that I’m not going to give up on.

  2. Just an FYI, the Movies link goes to a locked LJ entry. The unlocked DW entry is here: http://yiduiqie.dreamwidth.org/165728.html

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