I, for one

So the Blairites seem mostly to be resigning themselves to their fate, though I’m confident they will be like pigs in shit for their time supporting the Opposition. This thread laments the fake campaign pamphlets,

Don’t bother with most of it – sexist sledging and wishes for prison-rape abound. The place is lousy with creeps and misogynists. But scroll to 61, or just read it here:

61. Posted by Habib on 2007 11 22 at 02:08 AM

No normal person is going to pitch behind Kommisar Kev, he’s too speccy and smarmy. And his missus is a fat bogan.

62. Posted by anonymous guest on 2007 11 22 at 02:28 AM

#61 – Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I for one welcome our new fat bogan overlords.

Ah, anonymous guest. I {heart} you.

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