That Ms. Cover

As no doubt the editors hoped, this cover for Ms. Magazine’s Special Inaugural Issue has generated a lot of controversy. Many feminists feel that Obama’s feminist credentials are not nearly as strong as they could be, while the cover has generated an escalation in panic-mongering and shrill we-told-you-so’s from the religious right plus a great deal more snark about Obamessianic visions and rainbow unicorns from the neocon right.

The race double standard in action

Inspired by “Child neglect cases evidence of a wider malaise – experts”: Whitefellas abuse children Blackfellas abuse children Early intervention Army intervention Postnatal handholding Welfare withholding More childcare centres on hand Seize all their land Education with your firstborn Ban… Read More ›

Who made the seeds?

[image source] We were examining seedless grapes after dinner, biting them in half to see what they look like inside, holding them up to light to examine the veining, peeling the skin off with our teeth. We noticed that they… Read More ›

Opportunities squandered

JOHN Howard squandered the benefits of the $80 billion-a-year resources boom and wanted to be re-elected so he could retire, Labor leader Kevin Rudd said yesterday. Defining the choice facing voters in one of his last major speeches of the… Read More ›