Recovery day

We had a quiet day today except for meeting up with all the togster’s chums from Rock Eisteddfod in the morning to unpack the trucks and do the communal gloat. What a night we had last night! We didn’t get… Read More ›

Malcolm Turnbull’s environment cred

Helen at Blogger on the Cast Iron Balcony has a nice summary of this week’s brouhaha with the Minister for the Environment reacting badly to criticism from a fellow corporatocrat, Geoff Cousins, about the seemingly fast-tracked approvals process for a… Read More ›

Friday Hoyden: Dagmar Berne

[image from National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame] As a teenager, Dagmar Berne, of Sydney, was sent by her widowed mother for a “good education” in a private school, Springfield Ladies’ College. The curriculum included such traditional “ladies’ accomplishments” as… Read More ›

Pell draws lines

The great tradition of religious tolerance in Catholic parochial schools in New South Wales is under fire. Many thousands of children of all faiths have been educated in a system often chosen by parents due to a complex perception of… Read More ›