For my friends in academia

Parody student evaluations for Socrates, from the Chronicle of Higher Education: Hemlock Available in the Faculty Lounge Socrates is a real drag, I don’t know how in hell he ever got tenure. He makes students feel bad by criticizing them… Read More ›

Control your jealousy

Next year, I will be paid to torture teenagers who want to win Australian Idol. The tigling’s high school needs tutors who are willing to supplement the instruction given in the school music curriculum. It will only be a few… Read More ›

Privilege and higher education

The SMH reports on the results of a study by ANU academics titled Why are high ability individuals from poor backgrounds underrepresented at university? RESEARCH has exploded some myths about university entry and performance – including the notion that richer… Read More ›

Education preoccupations

An article in Thursday’s The Australian caught my eye regarding Labor backbencher Craig Emerson proposing mandatory school-based education until the completion of Year 12 for all students. The ideal of an extended education so school-leavers have more skills and knowledge… Read More ›

Public schools not challenging enough?

In all the angst about education, the Literature Wars and the History Wars and is public education running down beyond hope, I find this excerpt from my son’s state high school newsletter encouraging.

These are the research projects chosen by the 6 students doing Extension History for their HSC this year:

    Does the evidence from the ancient town of Pompeii support that it was built for the wealthy?
    Explain the philosophies of Michel Foucault and their impact on the development of Post-Modernism
    Assess the effects of Gorbachev’s reforms on the collapse of the USSR
    Evaluate the differing interpretations of the causes of Alexander the Great’s death.
    Does History end with Liberal Democracy?
    What are the differing interpretations of the 1951 seventeen point agreement?
    What are the objectives of historians who have written about the Holocaust?

Yes Horowitz, this is exactly what the eevil libruls are up to

David Horowitz regularly gets shrill about liberal academic bias on American college campuses. Rosa Brooks in the LATimes takes him to task for this.

Michael Bérubé is one of the lecturers on Horowitz’s list of dangerous ideologues who are polluting the minds of innocent young Americans. He’s recently written a book called “What’s Liberal About the Liberal Arts?”. Horowitz, predictably, hates it without having read it.

tigtogmob at the Opera House

‘cos the tigling was having her debut performance there – as a member of the Sydney Region Combined Schools Chorus.

It was a fabulous showcase of public music education and the talented youngsters in our schools. Of special note were a 10 year old classical pianist and a 15 year old jazz trumpeter, both of whom probably have glittering careers awaiting them.

She was so excited and

High-school homophobia

So my son, who turns 13 in a few months, started in high-school last week. This week, a class was disrupted when the teacher left for five minutes and a scuffle broke out between two boys. One boy had been… Read More ›