The race double standard in action

Inspired by “Child neglect cases evidence of a wider malaise – experts”:

Whitefellas abuse children Blackfellas abuse children
Early intervention Army intervention
Postnatal handholding Welfare withholding
More childcare centres on hand Seize all their land
Education with your firstborn Ban on all booze and porn
Increase community programmes Shut down community programmes

The double standard is also clearly illustrated in The Ugly Australian. A ten year old child who died in a stolen-car crash “got what he deserved” and was a “little criminal”. When young adults die in a speeding stolen boat “joyride” it is a “terrible tragedy” involving lovable larrikins. Guess what colour the kids were in each case?

Fucking hypocrites. We hatesss them.

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  1. Now Howard Sattler is on the case at WA Today – parroting the line said by so many in the PerthNow thread, thanking goodness that “no innocent people were killed”.
    I feel like throwing things. Maybe sharp things.


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