So, is it OK?

crossposted at Feministe Jessica, Amanda, Twisty and Violet Socks (and Melissa too!)have all written about this article: Is it OK to Demand Anal Sex?. The picture accompanying the article is odiously twee and threatening simultaneously, and as virtually every respondent… Read More ›

Whose real world?

Posted by Helen.     Where I live, our kids have five weeks holidays from just before Christmas to the end of January. They have two weeks off in April, two in July, and two in September/October. I’ve run out… Read More ›

Bragging on the offspring

The tigling just received a HD+ for her first long narrative assignment in English this year, a story about old age. I think I have a parent-crush on her teacher for writing this evaluation: Beautiful work [tigling]. Mrs Wentworth is… Read More ›

A parenting wake-up call

It’s always been my philosophy to provide both my kids with a comprehensive sexual health and safety education to supplement the already good school program in NSW. My parents did that for me, and it made me confident about demanding… Read More ›