Bragging on the offspring

The tigling just received a HD+ for her first long narrative assignment in English this year, a story about old age. I think I have a parent-crush on her teacher for writing this evaluation:

Beautiful work [tigling]. Mrs Wentworth is a vivid, fully realised character who instills a sense of curiosity in the reader. I like the way the “schemie” defies her so tension is maintained. Do you think one more sentence would make your ending more balanced? It comes a little abruptly. Great work nevertheless. Would you type this up to submit for the school magazine?
P.S. Your control over sentence structure is very sophisticated for Year 7.

The tigling’s story is Nac Mac Feegle fanfic by the way. I didn’t get to read it before she handed it in.

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  1. The tigling wha hae!

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