“best argument against democracy is 5 min conversation with the averag VOTER sa winston churchil who was aktualy not bad and looking at colection of numskuls oiks roters bulies and cads of st custards he may hav a point.” ~ Nigel Molesworth esq, the goriller of 3b

Media Circus: Australia votes 2016

Need a last minute guide and cheat sheet generator to take into the polling booth (and know which polling place near you has the oughta-be-obligatory Democracy Sausage sizzle happening)? Here’s the links you need.

Media Circus: Vegemite Chocolate edition

The very idea is undoubtedly an Abomination unto Nuggan, and Ed Milliband would probably make a mess of eating any. Bill Shorten will say something graceless, and the teaser for the SBS documentary will be epic.

What’s piqued your media interests lately?

Federal Election minus 5 days: party policies on anti-discrimination

I am committed to the idea that if I want election coverage to talk about policy more in the lead-up to elections, it can’t hurt to be someone who is aware of and considers policy in the lead-up to elections. There’s five days before the Federal election; what do various parties have to say about anti-discrimination?