Media Circus: Wikileaks Party Implodes Edition

Resignations everywhere. Whee!

What news story/commentary/analysis has grabbed your attention lately?

As usual for media circus threads, please share your bouquets and brickbats for particular items in the mass media, or highlight cogent analysis or pointed twitterstorms etc in new media. Discuss any current sociopolitical issue (the theme of each edition is merely for discussion-starter purposes – all current news items are on topic!).

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  1. It may be wrong but I am really enjoying all the chickens coming home to roost. I do feel for the people who really believed and feel betrayed though. It Is not their fault that the one they believed in has feet of clay.

  2. For me Leslie Cannold was about the only saving grace in the Wikileaks campaign, and now that she’s gone I am much less inclined to give any moderately high preferences to the party – as usual, above the line voting is FUBAR and below the line a PITA.
    I’m in Victoria (where the PITA factor is only about 10% less than NSW: 97 candidates rather than 110) where the Wikileaks preferences were not especially FUBAR’d like NSW (Australia First ahead of Greens) or Western Australia (National Party ahead of Greens Senator Scott Ludlam). The Senate ticket is Assange – Cannold – Kampmark, and there aren’t many obvious nutter parties before reaching the Greens at 52nd preference.
    However if Cannold has resigned from the party she can’t replace Assange if he is deemed ‘absent’ and unable to take up a seat in 2014, and I had been looking forward to the possibility of her being in the running – she is a far more impressive intellectual than party hacks like Jacinta Collins or Helen Kroger.
    This, from Daniel Mathews, is worth reading for a fuller explanation of the Group Voting Ticket fiasco: STATEMENT OF RESIGNATION FROM WIKILEAKS PARTY NATIONAL COUNCIL

  3. Also Former Wikileaks Party staffer says Assange’s father was the “caller” that led to resignations:

    Former Wikileaks Party social media captain Sean Bedlam – who is also a member of the Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance – has said that he was one of the recipients of the series of calls that led to the mass resignation of Leslie Cannold and six others (including himself), and has revealed the identity of the caller.
    In a series of tweets, he has identified John Shipton – the party’s secretary and Julian Assange’s father – as the person who made the calls.
    “John Shipton called me yesterday and offered to draw me in to form a small group that would go around [the Wikileaks Party’s] National Council,” he tweeted.
    “Shipton made it clear he held [the] National Council in no regard and wanted me to join him in going around it. Dodgy as.”
    Bedlam also says that Shipton also offered access to Assange; and that Shipton was the one who did not want the independent review promised yesterday after the preferences fiasco to be independent nor to be held before the election.

    One side-effect of reading about the Wikileaks Party debacle is having been pointed at the Pirate Party’s preference statement, which aims for the kind of transparency that people were expecting of Wikileaks: what deals were sought when, and which were accepted. (Albeit with a equally bizarre sideshow about major dysfunction among the Democrats, or people claiming to be the Democrats.)
    I assume that there’s not much chance now (if there ever was) that Wikileaks Party preferences going to the Nationals will make the difference between Scott Ludlam being elected or not in WA, but I hope not! Generally I have been very impressed with Ludlam’s advocacy on Internet and privacy issues.

  4. Chelsea Manning has today said that she hopes to begin hormone therapy soon and that she intends to live the rest of her life as a woman. I am not linking to any articles as all the ones I have seen persistently misgender her. I note that the Assange statement on Private Manning also deliberately and several times misgenders her too.

  5. Mod note: misgendering has been redacted several times in this comment. Alternations are all in braces.
    I notice some here still seem to believe that Julian Assange has somehow had what’s come to him.
    Fortunately, the first class minds of people like Broinowsky, Tranter and Cannold got beyond the tabloid sleaze to recognise the more serious underlying issue that is involved with whistle blowers in this century that sees the death of civil society and democracy, in favour of a “Gilead” populist fascism.
    I suspect Greg Barns could be the problem, if the over-amplifying of Assange’s libertarian influences, through the citing of Ron Paul’s famous comment about the”$ Trillions” wasted by the US on military adventurism hardly implies that Assange is a Murdoch or Koch Brother.
    The real tragedy could be the loss of the hard drives rippe d off by the state in London.
    It was certainly interesting to read the Guardian report concerning US funding of the MI6 pursuit of the whistleblowers.
    As for Manning, [misgendering redacted] should be released forthwith, awarded the Medal of Honour for risking [misgendering redacted] neck reporting Capital (war)crimes and compensated thoroughly for [misgendering redacted] mistreatment, including torture.
    Given the vicious, protracted campaign waged by the
    State and its TNC backers against these two [misgendering redacted], it is hardly strange to find the only treatment these [misgendering redacted] can receive from the captive media is one more egregious smear or slander to add to the thousands already perpetrated as to these two heroes under desperate stress and starting to crack under the pressure many still perversely refuse to accept is occurring.

  6. Anyone wanting to face the challenge of voting below the line should check the website.
    I don’t recall if this was linked here when it was published in late July, but I highly recommend The Humanity of Private Manning, the first-hand account of a witness at the trial. Note that Private Manning is referred to as a man throughout, but the gender issue is mentioned in the last few paragraphs and discussed in comments. Given those last paragraphs, I am very interested to see if there will be any further posts about Private Manning.

  7. The real tragedy could be the loss of the hard drives rippe d off by the state in London.
    It was certainly interesting to read the Guardian report concerning US funding of the MI6 pursuit of the whistleblowers.

    My understanding is that they had backups of all the data so there’s really no loss. Destroying it was preferable to just handing it over because intelligence agencies are rather eager to find out exactly what was leaked.

  8. Mod note: quoted misgendering has been redacted. (YetAnotherMatt: we know that you were calling paul on it, not intending to perpretrate it.)

    As for Manning, [misgendering redacted] should be released forthwith, awarded the Medal of Honour for risking [misgendering redacted] neck reporting Capital (war)crimes and compensated thoroughly for [misgendering redacted] mistreatment, including torture.

    Previous comment? DID NOT READ!

  9. For those seeking an adult take on this, I commend Ant Loewenstein’s column at the Guardian, entitled,
    “Whistle blowing: a list of documents the Australian people deserve to see”.
    He maybe can explain my position in ways I have obviously failed to accomplish.

  10. Paul Wikileaks and Assange are two different issues. Don’t conflate them. Assange’s own behaviour towards his party and supporters is coming back to bite him on the arse. It is all his own doing. Chelsea Manning has made her position clear. Any further misgendering of her will be binned. Also don’t whinge on LP about comments made here that is just bad manners.

  11. Also if you continue with your adult take bullshit you will be binned.

  12. I’m so glad paul is here, not just to mansplain, but to call us all children. *headdesk*

  13. So, anything you don’t like, must be a “mansplanation”.
    Tranter is a man?

  14. Misgendering Kellie Tranter is not cool, Paul. Banning time for bozo.

  15. Bonza!

  16. ’Head-banging’ Gillard sullied political standards, says Abbott
    Tony Abbott says former PM drove an ‘over-the-top’ campaign to damage his reputation.
    He said Labor had been relentless in its personal attacks on him. ”Basically every day since I became Opposition Leader the prime minister of the day with several ministers in support has come out to say that I am the world’s worst so-and-so.
    ”At least a part of my supposed unpopularity is due to the fact that I have been smeared by experts up hill and down dale.”

    Tandberg’s cartoon on that article as editorial commentary is spot on.

  17. Okay, from the sound of it, that’s Tony Abbott proving that when it comes to projection, the Liberal Party of Australia collectively could be used to beam Powerpoint slideshows all over the place. At least he has a good job when he finally quits politics – he can be installed at the back of a cinema somewhere, and be used to show movies to a grateful populace.

  18. Tony Abbott is a laughable but vicious entity; the very epitome of patriarchy and reaction. He is dangerous in that he has media minders who have convinced msm to go lightly on his character flaws and their implications in the construction of a mystical, Manichean narrative dislocated from reality that eliminates any community based alternative, as despicable.
    But Murdoch is the nation’s next PM, not that the punters have worked that out. Abbott is just a boot-boy.
    The baser instincts of Australians have been invoked, in an information vacuum where emotions and prejudices are employed to culture mass-think at odds with the truth.
    We will be Talibanised and it is an unpleasant prospect for the future.
    Oz, you blew it..

  19. Meg, you win the internet today.

  20. Actually tigtog’s comment on Abbott’s “popularity” is a bit relevant. How is that Abbott reproduces Howard in the nineties so well (so to speak), particularly in view of the oft recalled horror budgets of the mid-late nineties?
    Everyone knows that Abbott is as big a misanthrope as Howard, yet like a primordial creature crawling from the slime his persistence has him close to gaining power. What’s at play?
    De-industrialisation and Labor’s concessions to big business economics?
    Murdoch and the rest of msm?
    Are Australians just turning into bastards?

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