“best argument against democracy is 5 min conversation with the averag VOTER sa winston churchil who was aktualy not bad and looking at colection of numskuls oiks roters bulies and cads of st custards he may hav a point.” ~ Nigel Molesworth esq, the goriller of 3b

Media Circus: WTF Labor? edition

The heavy panting from the press gallery over the possibility of another Labor leadership spill has been quite repellent, but maybe it isn’t just a blip in the news-cycle. Maybe the gallery really is onto something.

Media Circus: Election Announcement Edition

A Federal election in September, violence in Egypt and Syria, Obama proposes immigration reforms and appoints John Kerry his new Secretary of State, deaths and damage are being tallied in Tasmanian/Victorian fires and Queensland floods. What has piqued your sociopolitical media interests lately? Please share your bouquets and brickbats.