“best argument against democracy is 5 min conversation with the averag VOTER sa winston churchil who was aktualy not bad and looking at colection of numskuls oiks roters bulies and cads of st custards he may hav a point.” ~ Nigel Molesworth esq, the goriller of 3b

Elections #AusPol 2019 Thread

Hello, it’s been a while! I expect many may need to vent, although more substantive contributions are always welcome!

Since I wrote this on Friday morning, the Christchurch terror attacks have made informed voting more critical than ever.

Myths about alpha males redux

“Of course, even if the lupine origins of the alpha-male trope weren’t obsolete, the notion that the term can even apply to human social structures is inherently absurd.”

Media Circus: Parliament Resumes Edition

The 45th Federal Parliament of Australia should be interesting. As in ancient curse/benison “interesting”.

But as the Canberra politicians put on their solemnest faces today, the world keeps turning: what news story/commentary/analysis has grabbed your attention lately?