Twitter’s ch-ch-ch-ch-changing

Wired.com takes a peek at the new look/new features that will be rolled out across the network over the next day or so. If you can see the changes on your homepage already, what do you think?

This seems like a good general opportunity for readers to let other readers know that they tweet and where they can find each other. So drop a link to your tweetstream, or go forth and follow!

How to turn off Facebook “Places”

You will need to edit your personal Privacy Settings AND your approved Application Settings to ensure that your location information can’t be inadvertently shared with FB apps your friends are using.

Lost in Meatspace

I haz no home internets 😦 My broadband cable services are down entirely – internet (and thus our VOIP home phone), and, even worse for one particular reason, cable telly. Since our outside aerial fell down last year, we can’t… Read More ›