Twitter is TEOTWAWKI: Tech Culture Wars

Tigtog has been blogging about how, contrary to Chicken Little predictions of electronic media being the end of literacy worldwide, children today are better writers than ever before.

I was just watching this interview on “The Twitter Revolution”, Chuck Klosterman on Break Room Live.

The interviewer’s critiques of Twitter:

– With the amount of information coming at me all the time, I don’t know where people actually find time to reflect on their life and who they are and what needs to happen.

– This stuff, this information out there, is doing nothing other than destroying our brains.

– It’s nothing other than narcissistic validation.

– This is steamrolling our ability to emote for ourselves.

– The media puts us into relationships with events without us having a choice about it, thereby constructing things that may not have any relevance at all.

It’s amazing how non-reflexive reflectivity cheerleaders can be. Can they not see the essential contradictions in popular critiques of participatory media? Are we more isolated, or are we more connected? Are we more narcissistic, or are we more aware of events that are happening to people other than ourselves? Are we becoming more self-centred and apathetic, or is political speech and participation happening at an increasing rate? Which is it?

Klosterman’s more sensible response is that blogging, twittering, and participating in email lists is a reflective process. People are thinking and reflecting more about their lives more because of these media extensions. All the machines do is tweak and change how we perceive the world, but our experience of being alive is unchanged.

Your thoughts and experiences?

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