Anthropological fascination link of the day

There’s smart/sassy remarks, making political points, social justice calls, promoting the latest hotspot, and shaming of friends/lovers behaving badly. Some of it is funny, some of it is progressive, lots of it is very reactionary, and wow: it’s hard to look away.

The Great Social Media Brownout

Twitter and Livejournal completely fell over around an hour ago, and Facebook has been bouncing up and down like a yo-yo. News sites and blogs are strangely silent about it all. TechCrunchers are speculating a little. DDoS, domino effect, outlandish… Read More ›

Because I are one

I just got an invitation to join the facebook group “I tap slow-walking people on the shoulder and say, “Excuse me please!”

Uh – no.

Fuck no. With cherries and sprinkles. And the sauce of your choice.

Laying your hands on me without invitation, strangers, sure isn’t going to speed me up any, but it may well piss me right the fuck off.

Thursday Quick Pic(k)s

[Via Neatorama] Pretty rainbow cauliflowers! These were apparently selectively bred by European company Syngenta. (Are they as evil as Monsanto?) The naturally-present substances are beta carotene (orange) and anthocyanin (purple), which also happen to be rather good for you. ~~~… Read More ›

Well, there goes Facebook then

Facebook asked to pull Scrabulous. In other news, the fossilised remains of a R.O.U.S. have been discovered in Uruguay. Image Source: CNN In other other news, CNN seems to have sacked all employees with a smidgen of grammatical nous. H/T… Read More ›