Twitter’s ch-ch-ch-ch-changing takes a peek at the new look/new features that will be rolled out across the network over the next day or so.  If you can see the changes on your homepage already, what do you think?

This seems like a good general opportunity for readers to let other readers know that they tweet and where they can find each other.  So drop a link to your tweetstream, or go forth and follow!

One thing I really wish twitter would look into is multiple usernames on a single login.  I have a private stream, a public stream, the HaT stream and my comedy-news stream. I handle them simultaneously well enough on Seesmic, but it would be easier if that was built in to Twitter itself. For me, anyway!

I also have a terrible tendency to not notice when I’ve got dozens of follow requests pending on my private stream, and then when I try and accept the nonspambot ones I find that Twitter is having one of its buggy times and won’t let me do it.  So apologies to anybody who feels I’ve ignored you – I might have a bit, but it’s mostly Twitter’s fault.

In other social networking news, Diaspora, the open-source Facebook clone, is finally getting somewhere towards its goal:

The goal behind the Diaspora project is to create a social network that puts users in charge of their own data. As the developers put it, Diaspora aims to be a “privacy-aware, personally controlled, do-it-all open source social network.”

So what’s on your social network wishlist?

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  1. I like the new scrolling feature. The “more” button was inefficient.
    I haven’t seen the new design yet, and I prefer minimalism in most things, but I also like it when developers experiment. So until I use it a while, I’m undecided.
    What’ I’d really like is a button that automatically generates witty, erudite and insightful comments that you can pass off as your own.
    I don’t tweet as often as I should, but my twittername is just the same as my username here.

  2. as is mine, almost: @grendels

  3. @TAK Your tweets always make me smile!
    I’m @mimbles – no surprises there.

  4. I completely agree that the infinite scroll is a major improvement. It’s not likely to wrench me away from my apps unless it integrates facebook in a more useful manner.
    I’m @shonias. 🙂

  5. I haven’t checked out the new interface yet because of the #mouseover exploit disaster – is that all safe and locked down now?

  6. I’m napalmnacey on twitter. The changes look good. Probably won’t change how I use twitter, though.

  7. Aw, thanks mimbles!

  8. ( @rayedish on twitter)
    I’ve been enjoying twitter’s iPad app and am pleased to see that the web interface will use some of the same features 🙂 I have more to say but I think I’ll come across like a spambot, so I’ll stop now.

  9. Katy manages our twittering, and it covers everything we put up on the blog. We don’t individual accounts because we suspect that — individually — we don’t have enough to say.
    We’re at @legaleagle777

  10. I am not at @luddite. One day I may get the hang of this thing you kids keep going on about.

  11. @rebekkap and also @lolpolz for when I update it (not that often lately!)

  12. Apologies to those who’ve started following us and we haven’t reciprocated — LE has the keys to the Executive Washroom so to speak, and she’s on holidays for a week.

  13. I’m @challyzatb!

  14. Got the new twitter today. Bleugh. It’s very… busy.

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