Signal Boost: Eastside Ride

This Sunday in Centennial Park, Sydney, is the Eastside Ride. From 9am to 3pm, Loch Avenue South area. Free music, yoga, Try2Wheels and general outdoorsy happy vibe. Tina Harrod will be playing at 2pm. This is a family event, with a bit of something for everyone. In support of green living and community togetherness.

Thread: #forcedadoption #babysnatching

So the formal Government apology from PM Gillard is about to happen. I just wanted to note an important social justice moment.

P.S. the Welcome to Country and opening speech reminding everybody of the particular example of the Stolen Generations is an important note on which to start.

I missed the solstice!

It was about seven hours ago, and I meant to schedule a post to publish at the exact time, but life got in the way. Whatever your cultural/religious/astronomical orientation, may the turning of the calendar lead only to better things for you.

Building community

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