Quick link: Adults Who Give Children Guns

From my friend Mel, an Aussie living in Philadelphia:

Adults who give children guns are as bad as adults who give children porn.

She also has a great recent post about being a woman and a composer of art music.

A very small child in a bright pink parka, viewed from behind, with a bright pink rifle slung on her back.

Taken at a gun rights rally in the USA

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  1. Frankly I’d rather my children did get porn than guns. You can explain to a child why porn is wrong and sex is only for grownups. But if your 5yr old shoots your 2 yr old? OMG. How do you even go on functioning after that?

  2. I’m having trouble with the link. Is it just me?

  3. It all looks fine to me, but maybe that’s something to do with me having put it up (?). Anyone else?

  4. Wow. No. That is a crap analogy.
    Sex is a part of being human that people mature into. So few children have died or been injured due to accidentally seeing other humans have sex that we don’t have stats for it.
    Guns are designed to kill people regardless of age and they kill tens of thousands of Americans every year.
    Stop being on my side, bad analogy person.

  5. The link works for me.
    Seconding what angharad said. Adults who give children guns are worse than adults who give children porn, and they’re pretty much in my “consigned to seventh hell” list.

  6. Well to be fair she is talking about someone deliberately giving a child porn. And I’d probably be pretty unhappy if someone _deliberately_ gave my kids porn, because that is generally a grooming action.
    But her point that this is illegal, and giving a child a gun (at least in the US) is not, still stands.

    • But her point that this is illegal, and giving a child a gun (at least in the US) is not, still stands.

      Yes, I think we need to remember that she is writing within the US, where we are not, and is therefore surrounded by people who would throw up their hands in horror, and think there was unquestionable evil, in someone giving pornography to a child, but where there is no current campaign to make it illegal to give children guns. Honestly, let that sink in for a minute.

  7. It sounds kind of like some of you are confusing porn with sex, which it is not. Porn is a medium that portrays sexual acts incidentally, while fulfilling its role of making exploitation and dehumanization look desirable and appealing. Stop being on my side, fauxminists.

  8. Nothing like starting a new day with some good ‘splainin.

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