Hillary Clinton

HuffPo Watch: VPILF.com wank

Y’all know the HuffPo is off my reading list for their UNDERAGE gag (‘gag’ being the operative word), but I followed a link, and what did I find? Twonkwaffle David Weiner enthusing about VPILF.com. I’m constantly amazed by people’s foresight…. Read More ›

USA: The Democrats nomination

The roar is becoming deafening: every newspaper says that Hillary Clinton’s race is run, that it’s time for her to concede that Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee. But will Clinton do it, or will she continue to campaign… Read More ›

Bob Ellis: sexist scum

Rather bemused to find this story through Shakesville via Mark Steyn via Tim Blair via Currency Lad, but they’ve got Bob Ellis bang to rights regarding this column for ABC’s Unleashed. I’m getting to hate this woman. Her towering frigidity,… Read More ›

Too depressed to post

I did a lot of catching up on American feminist and political blogs today, and it’s looking more and more like the Democratic Party is allowing the factionalism between the Clinton and Obama camps to piss away electoral goodwill. Look… Read More ›