Emotional Manipulation

Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon
Source: Tom Toles in the Washington Post

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  1. Absolutely. I wonder when they’re actually going to talk about the policy statements of each of the candidates rather than concentrating on whether the US will see its first female president or its first black president.
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  2. Yes! You got it here in a nutshell.
    Januaries’s last blog post..?they cripple with beauty and butcher with love?

  3. I take it you’ve seen this, right?
    Jangari’s last blog post..Some linguistic curios

  4. No, I haven’t, and YouTube is being recalcitrant for me this morning – the video freezes and there’s no sound. Not just on this clip, on any clip. How bizarre.

  5. tigtog, the same A Daily Show reaction is up at Huffpo
    Briefly, and in text for those for whom it’s inaccessible:
    [Opens with a montage of media talking heads drama-llamaing about Senator Clinton’s “meltdown”. Then he plays the actual footage, a completely tearless moment in which her voice softens for a few seconds.]
    Jon Stewart: “That’s it? That’s the ‘emotional breakdown’ that blows the election for her? I’m glad no-one here ever sees me get a flu shot. [mimes blubbering] Does anyone else have any thoughts on Hillary’s breakdown? Anybody?”
    [Montage of male politicians having emotional moments.]

  6. Montage of male politicians having emotional moments? That’s a bit of a euphemism.
    They had Rudi Giuliani talking about how much he wept on 9/11.
    Yak yak yak!
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  7. Loved this comment on Shakesville from one Cara:

    It’s tricky keeping up with The Rules: Female Politicians Edition, but I think I get it: If you address an issue WITHOUT tears, you’re a calculating, heartless career politician who can’t be trusted. If you address an issue WITH tears, you’re a weepy, whiny, probably PMS-ing girl who can’t be trusted. (Lizard)
    First Rule of Misogyny Club: Don’t talk about Misogyny Club.
    Second Rule: Girls are icky (but you can’t squash them because they make good cookies).
    Third Rule: If tempted to think girls are people, see Second Rule.
    See? Simple. And the rules never change.

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