hung parliament

Are we there yet?

They reckon something might happen today.

Update: Katter has gone with the Coalition – it’s now 74 seats each.
Update: Windsor and Oakeshott have gone with Labor – we have a Gillard government.

How to wrangle a new paradigm

I’m particularly intrigued by the growing hysteria echoing out of Murdoch’s media outlets. Dealing with independents who aren’t pavlovian in their response to the media’s narratives must come as something of a shock.

Steve Fielding wants a new election too

Of course he’s not acknowledging that potentially providing multiple Double-Dissolution triggers over the next 9 months is blatantly in his self-interest – he’s just lost his Senate seat in the last election – under the reduced quota in place in DD elections, he stands a good chance of winning it back.

7-point plan submitted: where to now? #auswaits

I’m vastly amused by how outraged some of the punditocracy appear to be that the markets didn’t run around like headless chooks on Monday, after the pundits predicted that they would and should take a tumble because of the dreaded “instability” of such a terribly unprecedented thing as a hung parliament. Dearie me.