Newspoll: new election would mean another hung parliament

Plus it would be a hung parliament where even more votes would go to “other” candidates before being distributed via preferences, meaning a distinct possibility of an increased representation of Green and/or Independent members of the House.

Both leaders have increased personal satisfaction figures, but the PPM figure shows Gillard well ahead at 50% to Abbott’s 34%.  [full report available from Newspoll website]

So is it at all possible that all the frenzied yammering from the “we wuz robbed” CLN diehards about the desperate need for a new election ASAP might just STFU for a while now?

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4 replies

  1. but tigtog, that poll is obviously wrong!

  2. Yes. Of course. When Galaxy shows something similar, that will be wrong as well.

  3. Gold, gold for Australia. Perhaps this idea that the independents will face a huge backlash in their electorates might go away too. I’m sure some of their electorate won’t like it and others will be well aware that it doesn’t matter which side they are on they will do pretty well out of it.

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