Day 10 of the hung parliament: media chasing its tail

There’s hardly anybody in the MSM writing anything worth reading about the current situation, because there is nothing to do but wait until 3 men who don’t give a toss about Big Media make their minds up in their own sweet time (as they should). Nothing much has changed since Bernice’s post last week – they still have no idea how to cope with non-pavlovian politicians, other than to write about how terribly bad-awful-no-good-horrible-doubleplusungood politicians who don’t leap when the press-pack says jump really are.

So all the op-eds and pundits are just going around in rehashing circles and getting over-excited at any little thing that appears to put a nose just that tiniest further bit forward in the horse-race. (See Antony Green for the facts on the AEC’s 2PP vote count.)

So, what could the MSM be doing more profitably with the time of all those journo teams at the moment? Any suggestions? I for one would like to see much more positive coverage of what we can do to help the Pakistani flood victims.

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  1. There are so many more things that the MSM will have to do better — I think that any parliamentary reform that promotes debate has to be accompanied by better reporting in that journalists will have to aggregate and synthesise multiple perspectives, and present a more nuanced view of political happenings.
    For example Glenn Milne on the Drum wrote about parliamentary reform yesterday, and for the first time that I can remember wasn’t just pandering to a source from within the government — admittedly he is still a one-source pony, but it is the best thing that I have seen him do since the Walkleys that year.
    As for other topics that need consideration, well there are many. As well as the floods in Pakistan and their problems with corruption (as evidenced by the spot-fixing in the cricket, which probably has been overdone) they could be presenting arguments (rather than unfounded statements) about the same-sex marriage ‘debate’. Go Tasmania!

  2. Last week it was exciting to see what was going on, but now I’m over it again. Let them get on with working their stuff out and report anything that actually happens but at the moment the media is flogging a dead horse. Lots of other news to be going on with.

  3. More of the same to look forward to over the weekend: there’s a whole heap of articles reminding us that Katter, Oakeshott and Windsor have some deciding to do.
    A bit of fun to be had with Katter’s wishlist – as someone said on LP, it would be helpful if for some of these things he’d outlined the problems that these were supposed to be solving, because the problems are probably real even if his proposed solutions are bizarre.

  4. SMH: Voters want independents to back Labor

    Two new polls show that a majority of voters in their electorates want the independents to back Labor to form government.

    Well, well, well. Not sure how much these polls signify, but it’s good to get a break from the relentless “their electorates really, really, really want the Coaltion” narrative.

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