Tony Abbott ‘disappointed’ with Greens for agreement with ALP

Tiny violin/fiddle less than half an inch long "Chen, of Beijing, China, took seven years to craft the tiny instrument from 30 separate parts with strings thinner than a human hair."

Just let me tune up my tiny violin

How sad too bad.

“If the Greens had been serious about even-handedness, they would have at least talked to us. They would not simply have run off and consummated the pre-election deal with the ALP.”

Hmm. Did the Greens ever claim to be even-handed about their opposition to nearly every policy Abbott has ever announced?

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  1. “Tony Abbott ‘disappointed’ ……”

  2. What did he expect? Really?

    • As Fine has just pointed out over at LP, apparently last week (according to Bob Brown) Abbott had said he was going to call Brown on the Monday, and by Friday that call still hadn’t happened.
      Chutzpah, Mr Rabbit has it.

  3. Abbott’s butthurt is delicious. Muahahahahaha!

  4. You know that feeling where you kind of feel sorry for a tool like Abbott because you can see the little boy who never quite grew up? and you feel simultaneously sorry for that little boy and all the rebuffs he doesn’t quite understand, and at the same time you have zilch sympathy for the attack dog he’s become since early Uni days?
    Yeah, like that.

  5. Mr Rabbit may also be a little disappointed at Treasury’s take on the slight exageration ($11 billion) in the Coalition’s costing of their budget, and, perhaps, his feelings may be a bit hurt by Tony Windsor’s rather dim view of that ‘black hole’, as expressed on Lateline.
    I wonder if this might have anything to do with the Coalition’s need to have a private accountacy firm do their costings instead of Treasury? Someone somewhere seems to have forgotten something rather important – it’s my money, and yours.

  6. I also just looove -not – how Abbott uses sexual metaphors for everything. Consumated.

  7. @ Rebekka Power
    It’s probably because he totes sees sex (outside of marriage for reasons other than procreation) as bad and evil so he’s probably trying to make it sound like a bad thing.
    But honestly, I’m just giggling to myself about his choice of words and laughing at him for thinking that the Greens ought to be even-handed; when did they ever say that?

  8. @erstwhile esther re “consummated”, I just l0ove it when someone (ie you) nails an idea for me – the ex-catholic in me just went YES

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