Quickhit: Seriously, Coorey?

Coorey in the Sydney Morning Herald today:

Because of Gillard’s failure to win a clear election mandate and the circumstances in which she took the prime ministership, the bar is a lot higher for her and the starting point lower. For example, she was criticised during the floods for her dress sense and wooden demeanour while the important stuff – the flawless roll-out of a disaster plan, including emergency Centrelink payments and mobilisation of the military – was ignored.

Seriously? The reason Gillard is criticised “for her dress sense and wooden demeanour while the important stuff … [is] ignored” is because of the circumstances in which she took the prime ministership?

Because, you know, it’s not like Gillard’s style and clothes, hair and earlobes were the focus of comments before the election, comments made in or reported by the same newspaper Coorey is writing for.

No. I don’t remember reading anything like that until it became clear that she was only the prime minister of a minority government.

If it wasn’t for that, nobody would be commenting on her dress sense (etc) at all.

Oh, and if you believe that, I have a very nice bridge I’d like to sell you. Only one owner!

* Thumbnail pic: “Queen Julia” by Peter Lewis from Debbi Long’s flickr stream.

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  1. If she got 55% of the vote she could get away with her bag not matching her shoes. 60% transforms “wooden demeanour” into “stoicism”.
    Coorey is talking out of his mandate.

  2. Maybe Coorey could do more to promote the Prime Minister’s achievements such as ensuring the Federal Government provided the necessary support for Queensland during the floods rather than just making it a passing reference?

  3. “talking out of his mandate”

  4. “talking out of his mandate”
    I’m stealing that line too.

  5. I love the passive voice here. “She” was criticised. “It” was ignored. No, Stephen Coorey. You’re one of the journos who’s ignoring ‘the flawless roll-out of a disaster plan’.

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