Hating Australia Day from afar

Today is the second Australia Day since I moved to the United States. One of the most surprising things for me to experience out of Australia was people saying–even in the American South!–Australia’s really racist, isn’t it? And personally, I hate that. I hate that there is such a strong implicit idea of who an Australian “is,” and how racist and dependent on assimilation that is. I hate the way that is enforced with violence and ugly rhetoric, and I hate the policies that our country mobilises against Aboriginal communities and refugees.

And yet. For all that I hate what Australia Day represents, I am more homesick than usual today.

Wednesday Wow: Sea fort

…took me to one of those old posts, and I thought “hey, I miss this idea”, because I usually ended up finding out something interesting as I looked into the backstory behind various intriguing photos.

Wednesday Wow: A Heart Among Giant Desire

Found in my regular trawl through the WOW! flickr image pool.

I grew up as a bushwalker (hiker/rambler for you foreign types). I’ve never been to somewhere with trees quite like this, but it brings back fond memories of walks through quiet, wild spaces.

Ad hoc hoyden

When I was putting the banners for this blog together, I trudged through the intertubes in search of pics of my favourite hoydens and found heaps, but obviously I couldn’t put all the pics in, or I would have had… Read More ›

*That* was exhausting

Just returned from an afternoon of centenary celebrations at a local landmark building. The theme was a sampling from what was going on in 1906, with readings from newspaper clippings (from all around the world, not just locally) and musical… Read More ›