Sunday Singalong: Footloose Nostalgia

It’s 25thirty years since Footloose came out, and Kevin Bacon’s still got the moves (and Jimmy Fallon has a gift for cheesy setups).


On a more analytical note, Bacon has famously resisted doing any Footloose moves in public for a very long time. Indulging in it now, when it’s the 2530th anniversary year and a while since he’s had a top-billed starring role, is a bloody clever self-promotional move to show casting agents and directors and producers that he’s still got the physical goods to do just about anything in movies. About time he got to play a laconically suave old action hero instead of just another villain, I say.

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  1. Definitely thank you for that!

  2. He has a TV series called “The Following” that recently started its second season. I’ve been told — and their work history appears to back it up — that Bacon and his wife, Kyra Sedgewick, ttake turns working so one of them is home with the kids. It became Kev’s turn when “The Closer” went off the air.

    • I didn’t know Bacon and Sedgwick were a couple. I can see something about their acting styles meshing, so yeah. Good that they’ve come to an equitable arrangement re parenting and careers.
      15 episodes of TV a year is a very different beast from a movie, of course. It’s a lot more weeks of work (thus away from home) for what is almost always a substantially smaller paycheck (although of course it’s still bloody good money). I’d love to see him get one of the roles Bruce Willis must be always turning down and own it like a boss and get a longer break with his family in between roles.

  3. He is still lovely all these years later.

  4. Their kids are both adults now, so childcare is probably not as much of an issue anymore.

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