Etymology 101

I’ll stop arguing with anti-feminists and other provocateurs who claim that the latest act labelled “misogynist” isn’t really that, because, you know, whoever did it doesn’t actually HATE women when they stop calling rich people “philanthropists” for giving money away,… Read More ›

A new low

The Herald Sun decides to mock a bereaved son for paraphrasing song lyrics in a tribute to his dead mother, just because that son happens to be a convicted murderer. Would any other person who used a line from a… Read More ›

Peeve Time: “The Obese” as Walking Dead

[cross-posted at Shapely Prose.] People with disabilities have for quite a while been promoting “people-first” language to reinforce the simple, yet radical, notion that people with disabilities are people first, PWD second. “Diabetics” are people with diabetes; “disabled people” are… Read More ›

Zuska sees through it

A molecular biologist at the University of California is gambling with his employment by refusing to attend a state-mandated (not just a university requirement) two hour training course on sexual harassment, wanting the university “to sign a disclaimer that says… Read More ›