Because I are one

I just got an invitation to join the facebook group “I tap slow-walking people on the shoulder and say, “Excuse me please!”

Uh – no.

Fuck no. With cherries and sprinkles. And the sauce of your choice.

Laying your hands on me without invitation, strangers, sure isn’t going to speed me up any, but it may well piss me right the fuck off.

Sampler: from Ethics and Philosophy

Carrying on from Lauredhel’s idea of showcasing some memorable posts for visitors arriving via the Weblog Awards, I’ve chosen the Ethics and Philosophy category as my first showcase post because in so many ways it sums up a lot of what inspires me to write. I find it distressing that so much of our public discourse relies on laziness in terms of examining the ethics of proposed courses of action, and that so little attention is paid to the underlying logic and consistency (or lack thereof) contained in the philosophies that inform ideologies. Also, that so many people use the faceless nature of the Web to behave unethically.

Oh ffs are they serious?

Mindy, regular commentor Ralph Magazine planned to give away free inflatable boobs with their next issue. Unfortunately the shipment seems to have been lost at sea. How sad. On another topic, I really shouldn’t have let myself watch the SBS… Read More ›

Whoydensday: DOC bingo

I know, late again. It’s still Wednesday some places on the planet – leave me alone! After the pleasant discussion we had here last week on the possibility (firming to probability) of Paterson Joseph being the eleventh actor to pilot… Read More ›

Ticking all those boxes

Via Feministing: Planned Parenthood in Indiana is offering a gift certificate service for the winter gifting festival: it is redeemable for the reproductive health services their clinics offer, and their hope is particularly that women on low incomes will be… Read More ›