Pink science

To add to your bookmarks, here’s Cordelia Fine in New Scientist running through some more of the scientific evidence that gendered toys are a product of socialisation rather than genetics.

QOTD: Pinkification

Any explanation of pink preference that is handed to children by the society they live in and only looks at the last hundred years, and calls itself “evolutionary psychology”, is blatantly misunderstanding both words in its title.

Pinkwashing cancer – Pink Ribbons, Inc. asks who’s benefiting most?

Pink cancer marketing globally diverts generous people’s donations away from the organisations doing most of the work towards organisations who are just better at marketing – the filmmakers determined only 15% of monies raised in North America go to research prevention, and 5% to research environmental causes of breast cancer. Does this sound like the best use of donors’ money? And what about all the non-pinkified cancers?

Enabling Femininity?

Going on from bluemilk’s post on Masculinity and the fear of losing it and Mena’s comment is allowing our girls to wear nail polish and dress up in pink enabling femininity? Are we giving our daughters the wrong message? From… Read More ›