Crikey! Where Are All The Women? Poll time.

Crikey is opening a new blog just for women! Should they paint it:(surveys)

Please feel welcome to add your suggestions for banner imagery in your comments. Or mock up your own banner, and share.

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  1. Oh. I thought you were joking. Hasn’t anyone been listening?

  2. if its not pink, us girly folk won’t know it’s for us

  3. Surely *all* the options should have sparkles???

  4. Well, thank God it’s going to be “by women, for everyone” [italics mine].
    I would be devastated to think that, in amongst all that hand-wringing about women Crikey readers feeling too “girly” and actual concerns about the number of women writers at Crikey, any men’s feefees might get hurt about women possibly writing for the very women Crikey was initially concerned about not being subscribers in the first place!
    And it would be horrible if the women’s Crikey blog weren’t totally palatable to its male audience. Why, if we women want to talk about little-p politics and not real issues we can just stick to our icky girly-wirly blogs so as not to discomfort Crikey’s core readership, amirite?
    *is tired and sarcastic*
    Also, I am with Rebekka. No sparkles, no go. We women are essentially waffley, emotive magpies.

  5. What about kittens? And cute puppies (pugs natch). Won’t someone think of the puppies?

  6. Crikey is also calling for suggestions for what it should be called. Judging by the Twitter replies “bitchin’ from the kitchen” is popular. This proves @Crikey_news followers get even more hilarious and brilliant every day.
    And given I’m working with the assumption that this is just a drive for subscription dollars, it should be pink with sparkles. Sparkles represent the $. Pink represents the girl-talk.

  7. And they’ve got some fab helpful hints on how to have more time to read Crikey.

    if we could somehow package up a few extra hours of time to compliment your Crikey subscription, we would. Failing that, tell your significant other to call his own mum, leave the washing for another day, and get someone else to read the bedtime story to the kids while you get your Crikey time.

    If only I’d thought of that!

  8. JGreen suggested “Lady Garden”. Oh ho ho.

  9. But I don’t call his Mum, ever, because last time I did she thought there was some emergency and that something horrible had happened to her son and I prefer not to go there again. I’ve been really slack about reading the kids’ bedtime stories for ages now and hubby has been doing it. They even ask for him now (score!). And as for the washing, what do they think I stand there for 45 minutes and watch the friggin washing machine? I’m too busy playing spider solitaire or watching the cricket or reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell before I go to bed, because if I dropped it on myself in bed I might do some considerable damage.

  10. crikey_news’ latest tweet:

    Best suggestions: Andrew Bolt on women by Andrew Bolt, Bint Blog, Lesbian Fun Park Hijinks,, Fernwood, Emily’s mailing list

    My sides. My sides.

  11. We don’t get a chair, tigtog! We’re too busy doing laundry and reading to the children to need our own furniture.

  12. Definitely pink with sparkles. It has to sparkle, how else would we know it was Valuable and especially for Women if it didn’t have some sparkly things?
    TigTog, shouldn’t that be Important Things that men talk about? Women talk about important things.
    As for ‘leaving the washing’ to find some more time-I’ve left the washing for the last decade or so. I don’t do laundry, that’s a man’s job in this house.

  13. Hehe. My Little Ponies is EXACTLY what popped into my head when taking the poll!

  14. Hahaha I THOUGHT YOU MADE IT UP. :(((

  15. Goddammit I really thought you guys made it up, too. D:


  16. Ponies? Rainbow sparkles? I think we need something more empowering, ladies. Like…umm… Bratz…?

  17. Words just about fail me. Must be my silly lady brain that can’t comprehend important things as well as a manly brain, right? Better put on my lippy so I can start my daily housework routine appropriately. Wouldn’t want to face that washing machine without my lady face on. Might type up a little soft blog entry later about how my reproductive rights mean squat in this country and most people don’t give two shits about it. Thanks heaps, Crikey. So you pulled some chicks with all this bullshit then did you?

  18. Mindy, definitely more pugs. And it has to be ALL GLITTER ALL THE TIME. I’m visualising something like this (oh hai, can haz admin magic to makes logo show?)

  19. Rebekka, I’ve got Sarah Haskins in my head, saying that tagline!

  20. Sarah Haskins = made of WIN! That’s got to be the best comparison I’ve ever had. Ever.
    And thanks tigtog.
    And I think I might get my pug a tutu.

    • I’m not generally particularly into dressing up pets (despite the occasional involuntary squidge from a pic of one on I Can Haz Cheezburger, it just seems so unfair to the poor patient beasties).
      However, pugs + tutus = fanfuckingtastic

  21. It’s like Crikey wanted to reassure their regular readership that they still regard women with the appropriate contempt.

    • Especially including the most sexist suggestions as part of their official tweets. My, how very welcoming to women that is. Not.

  22. OMG!!!!!!!!! I want that on a t-shirt Bekk. That’s even better than I imagined.

  23. Mindy, feel free to put it on a t-shirt!
    And tigtog, for the most part I agree about dressing up animals, but the pug, he wears a raincoat when we go for walks in the rain, and he doesn’t mind that at all. He also has a superdog outfit that came with him when he got him, and he doesn’t seem to mind that either (although I fear it hurts his dignities, so I don’t put it on him very often). But I’m guessing he wouldn’t mind a tutu.

  24. Speaking of theming and such, we’ve been tossing around a new blog theme for Hoyden. You can preview one of the candidates here.

  25. Arrrrgh! My eyes! That’s just evil Lauredhel 😛

  26. What worries me is that we have a herd of those wretched ponies in a drawer in our toy chest.

  27. …Lauredhel, for some reason I sort of expect to be able to scratch-and-sniff those sparkles.

  28. Thanks, Lauredhel, now my teeth ache.
    (Careful, Deborah, they probably breed.)

  29. Go to for your very own sparkly experience.

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