Beyond Marching: I Will Not Be Passive #Resist

Later this week I will be part of my first anti-fascist #resist planning meeting*. I’m on a steep learning curve here, but I refuse to be just an observer any more. I will not be passive.

Anyone else organising with anti-fascist #resistance movements, I’d like to know anything you’re authorised to share with others. We need to be visible.

Media Circus: March in March edition

Thousands of people around Australia marched this past weekend to express their dissatisfaction and disgust with the Abbott government.

What news story/commentary/analysis has grabbed your attention lately?

Vale Pete Seeger 1919-2014

Some of the first songs I learnt to sing beyond nursery songs & school singalongs were Pete Seeger songs. I have no doubt that my politics today have largely grown from learning and loving these protest songs from an early age.