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One citizen. One dollar. One vote

There’s a protest happening in NYC right now, and it’s worth keeping an eye on this occupation of New York’s financial district. Reportedly plenty of riot police, very few journalists so far. The manifesto:

One citizen. One dollar. One vote.

  • Only citizens should make campaign contributions.
  • Campaign contributions by citizens should not exceed $1 to any political candidate or party.

Help us reclaim democracy on the US Day of Rage.

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  1. The busy hashtag for this protest now seems to be #LibertyPlaza

  2. Tim O’Reilly has an interesting comment on Google+. Note that I’m not endorsing his position about the “the wrong people” (scruffy idealistic young people should be heard!) but nevertheless I thought his take was worth sharing.

    [The rally] was a bit of a disappointment, for a number of reasons. First, there were only a few hundred people there (one of the organizers told me they peaked out at around a thousand on the weekend). Second, the people who were there were the wrong people.
    What do I mean by that? The attendees were mainly scruffily dressed young people, whose attire and approach was too easily dismissed by those in authority. The smirk on the face of the Fox News reporter who was interviewing various participants said it all. “These people are easy to dismiss.”
    I couldn’t bear to see him goading these idealistic young people into making bombastic statements (the reporter is a tool of AIG was one comment I overheard), so I stepped over and asked if I could speak to him.
    I told him that I run a company with about $100 million in revenue, and that it isn’t just kids who think that Wall Street bankers got away with a crime. There are a set of people who constructed a set of financial products with intent to defraud. They took our country to the brink of ruin, then got off scott free, even with multi-million dollar bonuses. I’ll be interested to see if Fox runs my comments anywhere.
    It seems so odd to me that the Tea Party isn’t out in force at this protest. It seems so odd that government largesse aimed at rich corporations seems to be OK with them, while government largesse aimed at the disadvantaged ought to be cut. I would have loved to see blue collar Americans out in force at this protest, not just college students…
    It’s not the American Spring yet, but it ought to be.

  3. Just noting that the occupation has been going for nearly a month now.
    The attempt by the NYC mayor to remove the protestors on the grounds that the park was becoming covered in litter and city cleaners couldn’t get into the park to clean it because of the protestors have been unsuccessful. The protestors have cleaned the park themselves and made it clear that they planned to stage a sit-in resistance to being moved out by the police, so the city has backed down.

  4. “I support the pro democracy protests in Libya Wall street” will not fit on a badge.
    I need a bigger badge maker

    • #occupysydney is kicking off at 2:30pm in Martin Place outside the HQ of the Reserve Bank, as part of the Occupy Together global solidarity protests all beginning today to support #occupywallstreet.
      The heavy rain is going to make the turnout quite small, I expect.
      (edit – the picture is making the fields below my comment behave strangely, so I’m adding some extra text here just to fill up some blank space so that it starts playing nice)

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