Quicklink: fighting over-sexualisation in the media

A bit that jumped out for me from this fbomb post about That GQ Glee Photoshoot.

the organization SPARK (an organization that tries to combat the over-sexualization of women, specifically teen girls, in the media) cites a 2007 American Psychological Task Force Report as finding that there is a correlation between overexposure to sexualized media images of women with depression, eating disorders and risky sexual behavior for girls and demeaning, sexist attitudes in boys. And as filmmaker/writer Jean Kilbourne said at the recent SPARK summit

When the culture offers girls and women only one way to be sexy, it can hardly be considered an authentic choice

a logo with a blue centre and a dark pink-purple wavy border - text in the centre says SPARK SUMMIT, text around the border says 'sexualization protest-action-resistance-knowledge'SPARK (Sexualization protest: action, resistance, knowledge) has a website, where you can get this embeddable Call To Action widget.


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  1. Couldn’t agree more.

  2. And yet if we say anything we are humourless feminists trying to ruin everyone else’s harmless fun. Does the right of older males to perve on young girls override the right of young girls to grow up happy and well balanced? Apparently so.

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