A poster appearing around Brisbane

  Text from the spoof newspaper article poster that has started anonymously appearing around Brisbane, Queensland: DEMOLITION WILL HONOUR SIR JOH BEJELKE-PETERSEN An unnamed source within the Brisbane electorate today accused Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s LNP government of secretly planning… Read More ›

What would Anna Bligh do?

Anna Bligh, the Queensland Premier seems to finally be living up to the potential she showed when she first became Premier. Her leadership during this flood crisis matches much of what I have heard from those who have worked for and with her during her time as Premier – that she is calm, intelligent, respectful, decent, personable, sensible and brave – but the reality of her style never previously translated to her broader public image. Some of the criticism of Bligh applies across the board to politicians generally, who these days seem to be over-prepared for public appearances to the point of coming across as robotic and false.


I love it that dinosaur paleontology makes the six o’clock news! The remains of ‘Banjo’, Australovenator wintonensis, were found near Winton in Queensland. Sie was a half-tonne carnivorous theropod, bigger (and “more terrifying”, says a paleontologist) than the velociraptor. Two… Read More ›


So. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ll know that Google StreetView has now indexed Australia. At first I thought it was only the cities – I idly looked up my place (feeling vaguely uncomfortable), and some places I lived growing up, and had a peek at the Perth CBD.

Then I realised they’ve also photographed a fair whack of the countryside, too. And not just the easy parts. They didn’t stint on crossing the Nullarbor: