I love it that dinosaur paleontology makes the six o’clock news!

The remains of ‘Banjo’, Australovenator wintonensis, were found near Winton in Queensland. Sie was a half-tonne carnivorous theropod, bigger (and “more terrifying”, says a paleontologist) than the velociraptor.

Two other new dinosaurs have been found in Queensland digs, both titanosaurs: the stocky Diamantinasaurus matildae (Matilda), and the more slender Wintonotitan wattsi (Clancy). Scientists are speculating that Matilda may have been able to stand on her hind legs with her tail for support – much like a kangaroo, only bigger! – and that she may have been semi-aquatic. A prehistoric bunyip, perhaps?

More, including video, on Channel Seven’s “Sunday Night” webpage, marked “Australia’s Jurassic Past”. (Will likely only be up at that link for a week.)


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