“I’ve never known what happened to that woman.”

Good Enough Mum narrates her journey from being pro-life in her youth to be pro-choice today. She tells the story of a woman she saw in her final year of medical school. The woman was carrying an anencephalic fetus, and attempted induction of labour failed – over five days of trying.

“As we walked away from the bedside, one of us asked what the options were for her if the pessaries still failed to trigger labour. “Hysterotomy,” he replied.”

GEM goes on to discuss the risks of second-trimester hysterotomy both to the woman and to subsequent pregnancies, the rationale for IDE, the use of Five Minutes Before Birth slippery-slope mythology by forced-birther propagandists. She discusses the absurd meddling by the US Supreme Court in banning one particular type of abortion from a position of medical ignorance, extreme privilege, and breathtaking misogyny:

It is not about saving the lives of fetuses regardless of the cost to women, because it will not save the lives of any fetuses. It will not prevent a single abortion (well, after reading Cecily’s story, I have to amend that to say that I suppose it’ll prevent abortions in those rare, tragic cases where a woman’s condition is so serious that she’ll die before she can get an abortion by another method).

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