It’s only hurting women

Austin, TX.

Shorter World Media:

For some reason, terrorism doesn’t count if it’s directed against women and their health care providers.

From zuzu.

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  1. The question of medias blinders is open and shut. But the other question, what does the government count as a terrorist act and how do terrorist acts get counted. After link chasing and some fruitless googling, I really wanted to get my hands on some real numbers.
    It’s easy enough to track down the legal definition of terrorism in the US but it is difficult to find official numbers. The closest I got is this.
    There are a lot of numbers there but nothing I saw looked like systematic neglect of abortion terrorism.

  2. I’m sure you’re right that the statutory bodies treat abortion terrorists properly in their statistics collection and analysis. Unfortunately, we alread know what this Administration does to the carefully collected and collated facts that they don’t like from various bureaus. The facts not only don’t make it into the media reports, they’re buried in the public rhetoric about the matter as well.
    If this had been a school or a courthouse and a possible jihadist bomber connection, the President and every public official would be making speeches about it. There won’t be speeches about this except from the Austin Chief of Police, and he didn’t even call it a bomb, instead it was an “explosive device” which was “configured in such a way to cause serious bodily injury or death”, as if maybe it hadn’t been intended to have that capability.
    Mealymouthed yellowbelly.

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