Life at 9: discussion thread

Here we are at Life at Nine already. How quickly they grow up! The ABC’s documentary series tracking the growth and development of a sample cross-section of Australian children only appears every two years. The two episodes of this edition are designated ‘Independence’ and ‘Creativity’.

What was that?

If I were a less skeptical blogger I would be much more excited about what I saw high in the clouds this morning. I only saw a glimpse, but it was cigar shaped and glowing, and if I were the… Read More ›

Daria and other rebels

In comments to Lauredhel’s post about the princessification of Dora the Explorer, Helen and I have been discussing other animated girl characters whom we enjoy. We’re both fans of Daria, whom Helen epitomises beautifully as “dry as dust”. Daria is enduring high school until she can get away to further studies outside her conformist suburban community.

Ossified and doomed

I’m going to address a comment here that I found elsewhere, and as I’m pretty sure it will have been moderated and deleted as vexatious by now, I’m not going to link to it. However, I do want to address… Read More ›

This time last year

On Larvatus Prodeo last year, and crossposted at Hoyden, I posted a short few lines on how I don’t bother to turn the telly on to watch the Melbourne Cup. If I was still working in an office, I’d enjoy… Read More ›