GovThuggery round-up

Atticus has “Secret police inquiry a whitewash” at Larvatus Prodeo Here is the unsurprising conclusion of the investigation into badgeless APEC cops: Police commissioner Andrew Scipione ordered an internal inquiry by the Professional Standards Command, which found there were real… Read More ›

Bless her dainty hooves

If you listen very hard, you can hear the typing of a million sociology theses/dissertations about online social networking sites, crunching the data and waving the allegories. It’s pretty obvious that the various Special Interest Groups (SIGS) who have thousands… Read More ›

The irrational electorate and economics

Ross Gittins today in the SMH, regarding the bewilderment of the Howard government’s economic-rationalism ideologues as to why we sheeple aren’t more happy about the wonderful economy: It’s not only the economy, stupid Gittins points out that growth in real… Read More ›

Living Black

First, a news snippet: The Age: Indigenous land takeover angers NT govt NT Attorney-General [and Member for Nhulunbuy] Syd Stirling said Aboriginal communities territory-wide were angry, confused and talking of legal action. He said the territory government was seeking advice… Read More ›