The invisible soldiers

Ginmar, a military veteran of the Iraq war wading through the twisty maze of Veteran’s Affairs forms (all looking alike), is not celebrating the Memorial Day holiday this US long weekend: We are now engaged in two more wars, and… Read More ›

Hugh Thompson Day

Today is the anniversary of the heroism of Hugh Thompson and his helicopter crew as they saved noncombatant Vietnamese villagers of My Lai from murderous US soldiers engaged in a massacre. I posted about Thompson last year: Are you a… Read More ›

Social skills: over-rated?

(Updated: forgot the damn link) Twisty thinks so, after describing her own lack of compliance with social conformity: It is an asset, not to mention a joy and a relief, to be unencumbered by social skills. What are they, after… Read More ›


Despite the folks behind this website believing they have a sense of humour*, this appears to be sadly not actually a joke: Darwin Dating: online dating minus ugly people Darwin Dating has been designed by hot people for hot people…. Read More ›

Obsessive fans not just bores

They’re extinguishers of beetles, too. (via Barista) Addendum: serendipitously to the above link, I followed this link (via Bellatrys in a discussion at Pandagon) to a summary of The Poison Mushroom, Nazi pre-war propaganda against Jews. Ugh. Further addendum: The… Read More ›

PC, really

I don’t go visit Zuky nearly as much as I mean to. It’s not only that Kai has a terrific way with words: busting out these 3-syllable badges of faux-erudition with about as much linguistic adroitness as tap-dancers on stilts…. Read More ›