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On Larvatus Prodeo last year, and crossposted at Hoyden, I posted a short few lines on how I don’t bother to turn the telly on to watch the Melbourne Cup. If I was still working in an office, I’d enjoy the long lunch and conviviality (who doesn’t enjoy a bit of mucking around on the job that the boss doesn’t dare yell about?), but I’d probably find something else to do while the gee-gees were actually running, and I wouldn’t make any bets other than the ritual gold coin in the office sweepstake.

This apparently is an elitist attitude, but a few people who do enjoy the excitement of a flutter tipped the winner in that thread, leading to this special request:

“Hmm, evidently I should have just read this thread and not bothered looking at the form guide!”

I reckon tigtog should run another thread next year about her total disinterest in the Cup, get Amanda and Shaun to tip early in the thread and we’ll all clean up.

So, request honoured. Have at it, chaps.

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  1. Blue Monday. Less of a genuine chance than Delta Blues but nothing else stood out.
    When I was learning German this year I downloaded a 60s German pop song called Blauer Montag and I like it, so that is enough of an omen for me.

  2. Thanks for turning up so early, Amanda. Let’s see if you can tip the winner two years in a row!
    Now, where’s Shaun?

  3. Doesn’t sound elitist to me. I like the fact that the Melbourne Cup is there, but I don’t take much interest in it.
    I’m working today, and the lunch is the normal cruddy half-hour. Dang!

  4. There’s some kind of horse race on, I guessed that when someone came round asking for $2. More than that, I think there’s a seminar at lunchtime I want to go to.

  5. Thank god for streaming JJJ. Siting here at work in Arizona and managed to get it working on the oldest, crappiest computer in the known world. So now I know the Melbourne Cup is on today/tomorrow. How cool. Not that I ever cared or bet on it but its a connection to home.

    Amanda if you win again, buy me two Wolf Mummies.

  6. I’m Zipping across a Purple Moon tig.

  7. Here is Melb I couldn’t give a horse’s arse about the cup. Being self-employed it is an unpaid holiday as well. The sun is shining which is rather lovely and am working out how to sit in the sun on my my almost finished deck and blog outside whilst getting enough warm UV on my body but stil see the MacBook screen.
    My tip? Very likely a creature with 4 legs will win. It might originate from NZ. But my real tip is for a better return, unless you are a serious punter, spend your flutter or at least equal it with a donation to charity instead. I’m putting a bob each way on the Smith Family.

  8. Purple Moon, Sirmione and Eskimo Queen.

  9. Next year for sure!

  10. Yeah – I bombed.
    But my flatmate, Norabone, picked 1st and 2nd.
    (Unfortunately, inefficiently, in a Trifecta for no return)

  11. Stupid horses.

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