I’m unAustralian

I don’t give a stuff about the Melbourne Cup. I don’t bet on it, and I don’t deliberately watch it. As I’m not part of a socialising workplace, neither am I a lady who lunches, I’m able to do this… Read More ›

HIV needlestick hoax

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service says it has received thousands of calls from people concerned by a hoax email about HIV-infected needles found in a cinema seat and at an automatic teller machine. The email circulated widely across Australia… Read More ›

Privilege and higher education

The SMH reports on the results of a study by ANU academics titled Why are high ability individuals from poor backgrounds underrepresented at university? RESEARCH has exploded some myths about university entry and performance – including the notion that richer… Read More ›

Just a word?

Brooklynite offers some thoughts on what civil unions laws in the US will mean for the common language usage of “married”. Two years after the decision: “My friend Kyle got married last weekend.” “What? I thought he was gay?” “Oh,… Read More ›


That’s the only word for some of the recent spats in what were previously some of my favourite corners of cyberspace. First there were the feminister-than-thou wars about lipstick and marriage (see Pandagon and Feministe), then there were the pseudonymity… Read More ›

Collectors and hoarding

I was conversing with a neighbour this morning, who’s just moved into a new house a whole block and a half away from the house she used to live in. We were discussing gardening (I have an established garden, she’s… Read More ›

An outrageous claim!

That is the reaction of Australian retailers to a think-tank report which argues that the way they advertise and stock inappropriately sexualised clothing for young children amounts to corporate paedophilia. The report focussed on the growing “tween” market segment for… Read More ›

Another just-so story bites the dust

There have been an awful lot of just-so stories postulated by EvPsych (evolutionary psychology) aficionados which mostly purport to show that there’s a strong evolutionary reason for [insert challenged norm here] and thus oh dear how sad we can’t change… Read More ›

A visiting FRA

Father’s Rights Activist, that is. He’s commenting over at the old place, in a post from a few months ago where I referenced another blogger’s longer commentary:

Kevin T. Keith at Sufficient Scruples examines how fathers’ rights organisations attract pseudoscientists making up mental illnesses that their harpy ex-wives must be suffering from that both explain why they’re being difficult about visiting rights and why the courts should just

Don’t get too paranoid, but …

This is well worth reading for people who haven’t yet inculcated habits that mean they can’t easily be identified online: Death by Google Calendar: how I identified you to rob you.

I am not picking on this woman but I needed to show a real example. There are tons of public calendars far more revealing than this one. In literally 20 minutes, I now know the name, address, phone number and schedule of this woman. If I can do it, you can be damn sure the real bad guys can. Please be smarter about what you share online. If given a choice, choose the private setting. If you are not given a choice, either choose a new calendar or talk in some code that only you understand. I guess I just don’t understand why people set themselves up to become victims.