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Spacecraft exploring the Solar system

Last week’s news of plans to clear up humanity’s space-junk, aka orbital debris, currently cluttering up Low Earth Orbit, alarmed quite a few folks. In better space news, the many non-junk bits and bobs we’ve got floating around up there are busy gathering data so that we can learn more about our planetary and stellar neighbours.

ObFreeFallSpaceJump post: a little detail I was glad to discover

Because I obviously haven’t been paying enough attention, I hadn’t realised that Joseph Kittinger, the USAF officer who previously held the record for highest/fastest freefall parachute jump after the 1959-60 Project Excelsior research into high-altitude bailouts, was part of the team for Felix Baumgartner’s successful attempt on those records.

Farewell to the Space Shuttle

Just watched Endeavour‘s last landing at the Kennedy Space Center. For a little while, you can still see it sitting on the runway going through its final postflight checks, via this livestream.