Farewell to the Space Shuttle

Just watched Endeavour‘s last landing at the Kennedy Space Center. For a little while, you can still see it sitting on the runway going through its final postflight checks, via this livestream.

NASA released this stunning photograph a few days ago, and called it Over the Earth

Space shuttle Endavour was docked with space station on the STS-134 mission, with planet Earth in the background.

Earth’s atmosphere and a starry sky just off the port wing of the docked space shuttle Endeavour are the subject of this image photographed by the Expedition 28 crew, while the shuttle was docked with space station on the STS-134 mission.

I’ll miss the Shuttle.  Atlantis is just getting settled on the launching pad ready for the last-ever Shuttle mission in July.

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  1. I still miss sputnik. Cute little bugger.

  2. Yep, I will miss the old bus too. Despite their flaws, the Shuttles always had something the older US rockets and the Soviet gear didn’t – they actually looked like a real-like-in-the-B-movies spaceship!
    I remember when Columbia first went up, and rushing outside just before sunset at exactly the right time to see it pass over Australia on one of its orbits. And I also remember Dad rushing into my room at 6am to wake me when he heard that Challenger blew up on the early morning radio. Bad day that day for a space nut kid, but NASA always comes back.
    It’s definitely time to leave the low orbit stuff to the commercial space guys and get the NASA rocket eggheads focused on deep space and faster transports to get there. Mars or Bust!

  3. I still miss sputnik.
    Raise a glass to Mir as well?

  4. @SunlessNick Another Mir fan? I thought I was the only one (and not because it was launched in my birthyear and died on my birthday). It was battered and old and not as cool as the other space stations, but it kept on going anyway. Seemed so dutiful for a tin can.

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